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The following U.S. and Foreign Mission initiatives are supported each month by Heritage Church. 

1. Dallas Metro Ministries

Since opening in 1993, Dallas Metro Ministries has impacted untold

 thousands of lived in the inner-city of Dallas. With the humble

 beginning of one Sidewalk Sunday School truck, three sites, and

 offices out of Clay and Barbara Wallace’s home, Metro grew. For

 the next four years Metro had offices and storage in local churches,

 and bought their permanent facility in 1997. Beginning as a

 children’s ministry, they have grown to include a youth program, a

 church, internship program, Sidewalk Sunday School programs

 Tuesday-Saturday, and multiple street outreaches. Numerous staff

 and volunteers run the various ministries, and all staff and interns

 are housed in Metro’s 24- unit apartment complex, purchased in 2

 000. Dallas Metro will continue to grow, but at the heart of it all is

 change in the inner-city. For the thousands of lives that have been

 touched, and thousands more that have yet to be reached, Metro

 will stand as a beacon of hope in the darkness of the inner city of

 Dallas. Learn more at www.dallasmetro.net


2. Dallas Teen/Life Challenge

As a Christ-centered, faith based program serving North Texas for

 over 30 years, we offer an 18 month, highly structured residency

 program. Life controlling issues of all kinds are our speciality.

Browse through our website and begin to feel who we are and what

 we do. If you really want to solve a problem, only a Christ-centered

 approach will work! www.teenlifechallenge.com

For Help, Call (214) 824-6181


3. Pleasant Hills Children's Home

Pleasant Hills is under the direction of Rev. Harry & Martha

 Thomassen, and currently houses approximately 43 children.

 Loving care and structure is provided to children that need a safe

 place with the love and hope of Christ at a peaceful rural setting

 near Fairfield, Texas.


4. Rev. Shane & Melissa VanMeter

Shane and Melissa and their family have served as missionaries in

Russia and Latvia, and will be establishing new Global Teen

Challenge ministries in the Ukraine and other former Soviet nations

of eastern europe. Many nations are eager for this vital intervention

program for drug and alcohol addiction, and doors are open that

allows Global Teen Challenge to share power of the gospel message!


5. Merci Chefs--John & Rachel Stout 

This incredible ministry travels to locations in America where catastrophe's have created havoc in people's lives. You'll find them wherever disaster strikes: tornados, hurricanes, wild fires, flooding and land slides...bringing hot meals, hope and Christ's love.  

6. Rev. Joel and Marie Watson

Joel and Marie are called to an exciting new mission work in Viet Nam,

in the formation of a new International Church. God has opened

doors in a miraculous way to bring the gospel to the people of

Viet Nam, and we are honored to partner with this anointed couple.


7. John and Adriana Lungu

John and Adriana Lungu are missionaries to Moldova, where John

 works with local pastors to revitalize their churches and help with

 new church planting. John provides training and resources, as well as

 training for outreach and compassion ministries. Adriana works with

anti-trafficking among young girls and has developed an awareness

program that is presented in schools and state owned orphanages.

Web: www.revivemoldova.org


8. Randy and Dezra Freeman

Randy and Dezra are missionaries to Swaziland, where 45% of the

Swazi people are HIV/Aids positive, the highest infection rate in the

world. Randy and Dezra will be partnering with the national church to

plant "community center" churches to meet the spiritual, physical, and

emotional needs of Swazi's. The need is great in this country, where

17% of the homes are led by a child. The Freeman's bring the love,

concern and compassion of Christ as they reach out to people of

Swaziland.  Web: www.lifeforswaziland.com


9. Josh & Bridget Thompson-Tanzania

10. Sheree Moon-Philippines

12. Faith Bates-India

13. Sharon Reeves-Germany

14. David & Gayle Dorsett-Sild Road Routes

16. Vinnie and Jeffifer Mosquera-SMU

17. Gaylord & Fredna Brown-Liberia

18. Aaron & Nanette Koepp-France

19. Brent & Loretta Neely-Israel

20. Steve & Elizabeth Skipper-Latin America

21. Chris & Brandi Exley-Kenya

22. Marel Morris-Latvia

23. Brian & Ruth Gomez-Spain

24. Michael & Laura Bates-Network 21/1

25. Wilson & Judith Gauntt-Global University

26. Don & Cindye Jeter-Global University

27. Adam & Alecia Flogleman-Tanzania

28. Chad & Judith Daugherty--Russia 


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